Walk 0%
Trot 0%
Canter 0%
Impulsion 0%
Elasticity 0%
Power 0%
Athleticism 0%
Rideability 0%
Morphology 0%
Dressage 0%
Working Equitation 0%
Leisure 0%


Additional information





Coat Color

Light Gray

Height at the withers

1,61 mt

Date of birth.


Horse from breeder Pedro Sousa Vieira, son of Moscatel (AML) and grandson of Conhaque (MAC).

Ulmar is the stallion currently used for breeding. He stands out for his sporting characteristics and is clearly what is commonly known as a modern Lusitano. Approved with 69.0 pts, he fell a little short of our expectations.

He passes on some of his best characteristics to his offspring such as head, neck, and shoulder, and although this was not reflected in his stallion approval, he still transmits movements with a power and amplitude well above average. The proof of this is our foal Barão de Serpa, son of Ulmar, was presented in the model and movements competition at Expoégua 2008 and won a Silver medal.

Ulmar’s offspring continues to increase each year with foals that are always very typical and have good morpho-functional characteristics.