Embaixador D’Serpa

Embaixador D’Serpa

Walk 75%
Trot 85%
Canter 75%
Impulsion 80%
Elasticity 70%
Power 70%
Athleticism 75%
Rideability 65%
Morphology 90%
Dressage 85%
Working Equitation 70%
Leisure 60%


Additional information


Embaixador D’Serpa



Coat Color

Dark Gray

Height at the withers

1,61 mt

Date of birth.


He is a stallion with excellent morphology, standing at 1.67m at the withers.

Despite his size, he has powerful and expansive gaits. He has been showing excellent behavior, which is no surprise as he is the full brother of Barão de Serpa. Embaixador is undoubtedly an athlete and has been consistently progressing in dressage training.

In January 2014, he was approved as a breeding stallion with a score of 72.5, receiving an 8 for gaits and no score lower than 7.

At 4 years old, he began competing in dressage, demonstrating a great aptitude with scores above 68%.

At 8 years old, he is able to perform all the exercises of the St. George level and is also approaching two-time and one-time changes.