Purebred Lusitano Horses

Luís Folgado Stud Farm

For 25 years, in Alentejo, we have been breeding Pure Blood Lusitano horses, always with a concern for the development of the morpho-functional characteristics of the PBL and with special attention to rideability.

In the last 10 years, we have focused on the Dressage discipline, seeking to select animals that, in addition to retaining all the morphological characteristics of the Pure Blood Lusitano horse, also have exceptional sporting ability.

It is the practice of this stud farm to only use stallions that stand out in sport and, through their particularities, complement the qualities of our broodmares, thus seeking improvements in the genotype and phenotype of our foals.

We have a Horse Training Center in Estoril (25 km from Lisbon), where we evaluate and train all our animals, from weaning to the highest degree of schooling.

Horse Training Cente

The Horse Training Center was created in the Lisbon region, specifically in Alapraia – Estoril, in order to bring Coudelaria Luís Folgado closer to its potential clients.

As this area is more central, it provides less strenuous travel for horses, since it is close to most of the locations where the National Dressage Championship events take place, and we have at our disposal a larger number of qualified professionals.

The Horse Training Center  is equipped with all the necessary conditions for our clients to evaluate our animals, including the option to stay overnight at the centre. The Horse Training Center consists of 8 boxes, a small living room, a garden area reserved for horse presentation, and a fenced riding arena for training with 15x30m, as well as a 20x60m career.

Since its foundation, Coudelaria Luís Folgado has endeavoured to provide all conditions for animal well-being in order to maximise all genetic and environmental characteristics of its horses. The Training and Breaking-in Centre is a reflection of this concern and continuous work towards that goal.